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CSE190 - Topics in Computer Science and Engineering


Course Description:  Topics of special interest in Computer Science and Engineering. Topics may vary from quarter to quarter. May be repeated for credit max 3 times (assuming courses taken for a different topic).

Please be sure to review our Fall 2015 Course Updates!

To enroll in CSE 190 (A00), (B00), (C00) and (D00):

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Course Objectives: 

Fall 2015:

CSE 190 A00 Topics in CSE: Data Mining and Predictive Analysis with Professor McAuley: This course is devoted to current methods for data mining and predictive analytics. Emphasis is on studying real-world datasets, building working systems, and putting current ideas from machine learning research into practice. A webpage for the course is under development, please just check back on URL:  Prerequisite: CSE 100. Recommended but not required preparation is CSE 103 or MATH 183. Please submit a "course clearance request" using the Course Clearance Request Form 

CSE 190 B00 Topics in CSE: Mobile Programming with Professor Chockalingham:  Students will learn about android programming as well as server programming (relational databases, jsp, JSON, Amazon EC2 etc). Prerequisite: CSE 110.  Please submit a "course clearance request" using the Course Clearance Request Form.  

CSE 190 C00 Topics in CSE: Neural Networks with Professor Cottrell: Neural networks have come back into fashion, which are winning many of the most important computer vision contests, and have also been used in a number of other pattern-recognition problems.  In this course, we begin wih the fundamentals of neural networks: We introduce Hopfield Networks, Perceptrons, multilayer networks and back-propagation, many of Yann LeCun's "tricks" with backprop, convolutional neural networks, back propagation through time, and deep networks. The course will involve programming assignments roughly every two weeks, a midterm, and a final Prerequisite: CSE 100, MATH 20C, MATH 20F or equivalents. Please submit a "course clearance request" using the Course Clearance Request Form. 

CSE 190 D00 Topics in CSE: Successful Entrepreneurship with Professor Kumar: The major objects of this course are to:

  1. encourage students to think like and become entrepreneurs 
  2. describe major reasons why Microsystem start-ups typically are not successful, and
  3. expose them to methodologies for success in getting their innovative Microsystem ideas to the marketplace.

Experienced guest lectures will be invited to share their success stories and lessons learned. In addition to reading assignments, students will have the opportunity to bring forward their own innovative ideas in teams of 3-4 students, and will be required to develop a first pass business plan for a start-up company as a team project. The learnings from this course will also benefit students that choose to work as intrapreneurs within larger organizations. Prerequisite: CSE Senior. Please submit a "course clearance request" using the Course Clearance Request Form  

CSE 190 E00 Topics in CSE: Facebook Academy with Professor Jay Kunin:

Prerequisite: CSE 110.  For more information on the course and to submit your application for faculty review, see:

Archived CSE 190 Topics


Prerequisites vary per course per instructor. Department stamp required.


Every quarter.

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